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Born in Paris, living in London, I'm a Conceptual designer and dance lover. I’m an unconventional feminist who never plays by
the rules and a lover of whiskey. My love for whiskey led me to become the youngest manager of Street Feast London. I had 150 staff to look after and all that by the time I was  23 years old.
When I’m not being cheeky, I’m fooling around with my other passion, the arts, or dancing around for a photoshoot or making videos. For reasons I cannot explain, I hate people who cut lettuce and have b a d k e r n i n  g.

More seriously, I am a dedicated and curious individual who loves learning and trying new things with a strong eye for detail. Being French and working in London helped me understand cultural differences by bringing two worlds together.

Working 6+ in advertising and marketing agencies with some freelance experience, I am a brand specialist designing visual identities for events, national and global campaigns bringing
ideas to life. This involves print design, integrated campaigns touching digital and social channels. Lately I've been working in the Healthcare industry designing 360° campaigns for congresses
that involves storyboarding, print and digital design, rebranding, packaging design but always pushing the creative boundaries further and further to tell the best story. 

As an experienced creative designer, I can work under
pressure while combining strategic and creative thinking to attractive aesthetics. 

In my spare time, I'm an aspiring story teller who never goes out without her camera shooting videos or taking photos. For me, music and video are the best mediums to tell a story.


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Healthcare projects can be requested upon request