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Women always know what they want

‘Women Always Know What They Want’ is about celebrating the essence of womanhood, from what it means to be a woman in our society all to way to celebrating women’s sexuality. It is about empowering every single one of us as a Woman, through the journey of self-discovery, acceptance, love and pride.


W.A.K.W.T.W started when a friend was telling me about his new Tinder conquest – a girl with the same name as me. It was hard not to project my own feelings onto his story. Through our chat, I realised that to him, if a woman was to text first or kept on texting back, she might be overly interested… or in love. 

Unfortunately, our society is flooded with stereotypes and my friend had fallen into that trap. He even had a masterplan with the girl he was newly dating: a 10 steps plan on how she would become addicted to him. I was gobsmacked. This infuriated me.


As I got home, I felt the urge of expressing myself and letting it all out. I wanted to address all stereotypes, educate people to change their perceptions, and celebrate femininity and women sexuality. 

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