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This video is an allegory of the impact of our behaviour on the planet.
The soundtrack was made out of recordings and city sounds. 

Role: Director  
Key points: Fine art video


Nāmaka, is new to town. She used to live by the shores. Younger she used to spend all her spare time at sea, swimming in open waters, discovering new neighbours. As life happened and the world developed, she had to move to the city. Cities are a scary place if you are not used to them. Long gone is the time of her peacefulness and her freedom. The noise, the smells, people’s constant hate between each other and their surroundings.

Nāmaka is dying. She is still young and beautiful and has so much to offer. She wished she could go back in time where she could swim freely in her beautiful lagoons.

Nāmaka is dying but we can save her. We are Nāmaka. There is still time.

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