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Memento mori

Death as a celebration of life.

This series was part of my Masters mid-term show. Through the year I was exploring what death means conceptually and culturally. For most of us Death is seen as an end but for a lot of cultures, Death is seen as a celebration, a celebration of Life. 

Here, the butterflies represent a different Death. Showing the variety of death's perception for all cultures around the world. For example, here in Occident we see Death in black but in India, Death is white representing the light.

On the pubis, you can see a white moth, which represents femininity in its purest form as well as the 'little death'. The passage from girl to womanhood. Between all these 'deaths', the moth is the symbol of light and life; symbol of a new beginning.


Femininity and sexuality has always had a big influence in my practice. I am always looking to break the taboos around women's sexuality.

For my Final show, I created a video installation where I reflected on death seen as regret and not being able to live your life fully. This being the actual death of humanity.


The video itself is a narrated dance performance which was displayed in a water tank. In order to play the video, the viewer had to dip their hand in the water where an electric cable was lying.

With the use of VJ software, I created an app which turned the electric cable into a power source using the body's electricity and water as a conductor to launch the video.

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