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Client: CHAR 
Role: Creative Director  
Key points: Creative Direction and trusted
Creative partner, Branding, Creative strategy

CHAR is a singer-songwriter Berkshire born (Maidenhead raised), now London based. CHAR's style is warm R&B with contemporary melodic pop influences. After being selected in 2018 by Maisie Williams and team, as one of the Daisie100 for the new creative platform ‘Daisie’, CHAR has continued work on her debut EP.  Her music delves into personal struggles with her mental health and exists on a sliding scale between strength and vulnerability, in a self-reflective tone.

After contacting me to direct her music video, Char asked me to become her Creative Director and develop her 'brand'. Same Again - music video was the beginning of a long creative relationship 

Screenshot 2020-03-02 at 14.14.09.png
Screenshot 2020-03-02 at 14.26.46.png

A creative partnership

As CHAR's trusted creative partner,

I am in charge of developing her brand image via music video direction, leading photoshoot, creating social media content strategy for her music to reach wider audiences.

Mad Millenials

CHAR also runs a mental health charity
Mad Millennials. Their mission is to change  societal norms through conversation and action.

Another key aspect of my role with her is to

concept and produce all promotional and talks collaterals materials.

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