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Salut les YéYés

Role: Art Director  
Key points: 360° Campaign Ideation


Art Direction

Welcome to the Golden age of the French Riviera, where it's always sunny and Disco rules the nights!

Casablanca Paris tasked me to create an

eyewear campaign inspired by the 70s and

by Wes Anderson aesthetic to launch their

new collection.

Inspired by the sun-kissed bodies of St-Tropez and Disco pool parties from the 70s, an eyewear campaign here to transport you.

Key points:

  • Bold

  • Stripes

  • Sweet Recklessness 

  • Wes Anderson composition


Photoshoot inspiration

It’s time to set ourselves free. Set up around a pool party, we capture the spontaneity of a split second thought, immortalising a moment of pure joy. A bliss of happiness.

Key points:

  • Elegance who knows how to party

  • Cheeky

  • Modern hedonism

  • Minimalist composition

  • Frozen in time

  • Spontaneous moment


Expanding the campaign

Social Videos

A series of looped teaser videos
inspired by the posters aesthetic.


AR Filters

A series of AR filters turning any selfie into a Casablanca campaign to show off your latest buy.

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