Puma & Asos

A unique pop-up experience in Shoreditch,

celebrating the relaunch of the Puma CA Pro.

Who, What, When

20ten was tasked to create a launch event activating the 'Insta-Aplha segment for Puma's new Asos exclusive flagship trainer. 

The event needed to be fueled with high-energy moment featuring influencer and social activation.

We Transformed Ace Corner in Shoreditch, from

an unassuming retail space, into Puma’s very

own Cornershop.

Featuring a live DJ, Puma branded daily essentials, and of course – good vibes.

Dipping into customisation culture, we collaborated with sneakerhead and designer Mean Feet to create a series of unique hydro-dipped trainers.

The result:

3m Est Reach

21m Talent audience

100% Positve sentiment



Your daily essential

By taking a classic feature of the high-street, we passed the concept of a traditional corner shop through the PUMA lens. 

Taking inspiration from the CA Pro hero colour (green and white) we created a consistent and minimalist Puma look and feel. 

The above allowed us to have fun with a series

of corner shop items: from candy bags to vintage cashier as well as a photoshoot with all your corner shop essential.

Picture 2 copy.png
Picture 2 copy.png
Picture 2 copy.png


Because none of this would have been possible without the help of these incredible human beings.

Agency 20ten

Creative Director/Director Sam Richardson

Art Director: Jade Nodinot
Strategy Director: Louise Odquier
Marketing Director: Faisal Mumtaz
Account Manager: Molly Beddard

Designer: Jordan Robertson
Artworker: Anthony Hancock
VMG: Madison Paris
Influencer campaign manager: Jénai Henry


Event, Creative direction, Design, Social,