Not Just

The UK economy is experiencing its

worst recession in 300 years due to the unprecedented effects of COVID-19.


Restrictions and lockdowns have had detrimental consequences on the UK

food industry; an industry that has the

highest concentration of ethnic minority-led small businesses. 

In addition to the challenges, ethnic

minorities have reportedly been hit hardest

by the pandemic. 

The opportunity

Despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, we wanted to support the individuals behind ethnic minority-led small businesses within the UK food industry by providing access to critical resources to enable growth, while highlighting the incredible products and services they offer. 

UK small business owners from ethnic minority backgrounds are ‘Not Just’ a stereotype, but dynamic individuals. He is ‘Not Just’ a black man, it is ‘Not Just’ a restaurant, and it is ‘Not Just’ a business. 

The Campaign

In partnership with The Drum, Facebook and General Mills, our group of marketeers with a shared ambition to bring positivity to small business owners from ethnic minority backgrounds during these uncertain times. 

We launched a competition for small business owners to receive press coverage and advertising spend from The Drum and Facebook, as well as access to the prestigious 301 EXT; the European venture capital arm of General Mills, the company behind brands like Häagen Dazs
and Cheerios.

The Winners


The concept behind the creative was to illustrate this idea of breaking free from the stigmates. Going from vertical to horizontal. 

'Not' being the freedom out of the 'just'. 

In order to represent this idea, I've played with different weight of Helvetica giving the illusion of the 'Not' expanding. Trying to break free from the 'Just'. 

To support this call to arms, I've used The Drum's red for consistency but more importantly for its boldness and shout out attitude.

The execution translated in a launching 60s video, as well as a website and social content throughout the competition.


Creative direction, Strategy, Marketing, Branding,

Design, Video editing