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Client: LVMH
Agency: 20ten
Role: Art Director & Creative Lead
Key points: Concept Creative Direction, Campaign Ideation, Rebranding, Brand Activation, Creative Strategy



Planet Mercier - a new brand experience where renegades see, smell, taste, touch and hear champagne in a different way

Through this, we kick start a new revolution in champagne cocktails


People, brands and press credibly call us the future of Champagne

Mercier_KV 4-Artboard 8.jpg
Mercier_KV 4-Artboard 5 copy.jpg
Mercier_KV 4-You move me.jpg
Mercier_KV 4-You-fall.jpg
Mercier_KV 4-Fly_me.jpg

'Not for you, for everyone’ is what the renegades believe in… but they champion the choice to detach from traditional situations and locations

Candle copy.jpg
IceCream-truck copy.jpg
BusWrap copy.jpg

I’ve always found it difficult to describe
what’s on my mind  

How I see things  

How I see you  

How do I describe myself? 

We live in a world with labels,
but I like to do a bit of everything 


I like to learn and feel empowered 

I want to draw

I want to push myself 

It doesn’t matter if I lose, I just want to try  


Do you want a Mercier?  

How do you see the world?  

Am I a part of it? 

I want to feel loved and not judged  

I want to experiment and I want to start

Right now.  


Text by Bertie Brandes

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