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Role: Creative Director  
Key points: Creative & Art Direction, Creative Strategy, Branding, Digital brand launch campaign

For your hair down there. 

Hedge is the UK’s first care product for down there.

Designed for your pubic hair and skin - their signature oil keeps
ou soft, smooth and clean throughout the day.

No more redness or bumps from wax or shaving, and your hair stays soft and nourished if you trim or grow. Hedge really is for everyone. 

Hedge is 100% natural, and both vegan and paraben free. Created in London and now available in the UK & Europe.


80% of women groom regularly while 70% of men trim their pubic hair every two weeks.

One study associates total pubic hair removal with a more positive genital self-image in females. And another study shows that groin grooming may lead to a boosted self-image in men. Of course, having hair is totally normal, and what’s not to love about your natural self?

Although, grooming might bring self esteem it can also bring annoyances (e.g rashes, ingrown hair etc..) 


Itching is the biggest side effect of a pubic spring cleaning.

More than 80 percent of groomers experience some form of genital itching, found a 2015 study. That dreaded crotch itch could be a result of stubble or razor burn. 

Creative direction

The challenge:
How to make pubic hair products appealing and attractive?

The solution was to create a minimalist but with a twist branding. In order to do that, I created a logo playing with the hair transformation following the use of the product. 

The cut 'e' turns the logo into a loading bar of your down-there progression. It is also a metaphor for your hair sticking out. How and where, you decide ;). 

For the packaging, I wanted to let the product do the talking and let the oil shine. By using a clear bottle and a minimalist label.

While the branding and packaging follow a strict minimalist approach the tone of voice is bold, open and confident. 

Hedge celebrate body positivity, body empowerment. Doesn't matter where you come from, Hedge has you covered!

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