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Same Again

Client: CHAR
Role: Creative Director  & Director
Key points: Music video 


Same Again Music video is a collaborative project between Char (Singer) and Alexandra Barbareau (Cinematographer) and I (Director). Which couldn't have been done without the rest of the creative and visual women-led team. Launched on Friday 20th of March 2020, the video has reached over 10k views in less than five days! 

The song is about repetitive behaviour we often found ourselves in. The idea is to illustrate this repetitive behaviour. Reproducing the same pattern over over without being able to break the circle. In this video, we follow Char evolving in her abstract room getting ready for a night out. The cold atmosphere of the space contrast with the warmth of the ‘room’ as a symbol for harshness of the outside world. 


Director - Jade Nodinot 

Producer - Alexandra Barbareau, Jade Nodinot, Charlotte Brockman 

1st Assistant director - Nicole Hood 

Production Manager - Nicole Hood


Artist - CHAR

Music Producer - WaggaMan

Songwriters - Charlotte Brockman, Julian Brockman, Theo Gordon

Mixing Engineer - Jarrad Hearman


Production Designer - Rosie Kimberley-Brooks 

Set builder - Daniela Fleckenstein & Rosie Kimberley-Brooks 

Art assistant - Daniela Fleckenstein 

Costume - Daniela Fleckenstein, Jade Nodinot, Hannah Watkins-Lewis

MUA - Alice Salvetz 

Cinematography - Alexandra Barbareau 

Gaffer - Nick Bourdeaux 

Spark - Leon Ryder-Potter 

Camera assistant - Stephanie Corr-Amajor 

DIT - Leon Ryder-Potter 


Runner - Hannah Watkins-Lewis, Paula Banciu

Catering - Laura Djian


Editor - Jade Nodinot 

Colourist - Holly Potter with the help of Leon Ryder-Potter 


Made in collaboration with LBD Productions Ltd 


With special thanks to Will Muir, George Hansen, Brian Cooney, Darren Ghoumrassi, Pete Sanna

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